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Hopes Associated with Helperschain
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:45:40 PM »
Helperschain some would say is a ponzi scheme, but we we do not think we are. Helperschain is a membership scheme that believes in the power of group financial self help. We believe that if all members who we call chainers hook their own chain to our existing long chain of chainers we are able to keep growing and keep helping each other. Our slogans is “ People helping People”, our chainers are real, intelligent and dedicated people who can work out a good thing when they see it.  Everyone is doing their bit to keep our chain growing, the sky is the limit if we stick together.
We do not offer false promises, we prefer to have a membership scheme that is realistic, secure, reliable and consistent. By being a chainer, there is no more reasons to keep jumping around going from one scheme to another.
Let us share with you features of our service that makes us stand out from the rest
a.   Reliable servers: Our website is hosted on cloud dedicated servers that automatically scale up or down depending on the amount if people that are using our site at any given time.
b.   Always open: We strive to always be open to our members 247 day or night. That means when you visit our site, it is never “Down for maintenance”.
c.   Our website is secure: We take security very seriously, our website has the following security features
I.   SSL certificate installed:That means our customer data cannot be spoofed or hijacked. Visit our website and look in your browser as you type our URL You will see the URL appear as which assures you of SSL protection.
II.   Secure Passwords: We protect our members from themselves by enforcing secure password rule. When our members chose a password, we insist the choose a password that has a mix of caps, small letters and number or symbol. We also insist on a min length.
III.   Captcha is our friend!: We use Google's own captcha technology to protect our members login page from automated hacker tools.
IV.   TimeOut!: When logged and and you are idle for more than ten minutes, we log you out to protect your account.
d. Reliable Investment Payout: We believe in keeping to a schedule that can be relied upon and is realistic. Why payout in 24hrs today and then in 4 weeks tomorrow?. If we say say we pair you for  payout in 7 or 14 days, that is exactly what we will do.
e. Help is here!. We provide several channels if support
I.   Live Chat: Operators available during office hours and you can leave us a message just case we are too busy to attend to you.
II.   Knowledge center: Have a question?, most likely we have the answer ready for you in our knowledge center.
III.   Contact Us: Do you have a general enquiry?, us our contact us form.
IV.   Email Us: If you want to send us an email, please feel free to email us at


Hopes Associated with Helperschain
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:45:40 PM »