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Have you been doing business over years with your clients/customers and you have never 
bothered to ask of their opinion or suggestion on how to better your products or services to them?

Have you wondered why some clients patronize once and they do not come back?

Do you just come up with ideas on the new development of your products and services 
without any element of clients contribution?

If these questions sound similar then you need to up your game with your client. Show 
them how important they are and how much you need their contribution in the development 
of your business and service to them.

With our Mobile Campaign Manager Concept, You can gather all the information you need to 
strategize for better development. This Concept is useful to both large and small scale 

We give your clients/customers the opportunity to share their blunt opinion about your 
business anywhere and anytime conveniently.

Why do you need this?

1.) Every opinion counts especially that of your clients/customers.

2.) It will help you render a better service and develop customer satisfactory products.

3.) It helps in strategy development.

4.) It helps you see your errors and how to correct them.

5.) It presents your business professionally.

6.) It helps you stand out.

Who can you reach out to with mobile survey manager?

1.) Your Clients/customers.

2.) Your Old and first time customers.

3.) Your Dealers

4.) Your Staffs

5.) people (generally or those who interest in your products or services)

If you like to set Mobile Survey Manger for your business call;
08050756474, 07030796349

For More information:
08050756474, 07030796349

We look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

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Energy up is an Oil and Gas Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company registered with Corporate

Affairs Commission (CAC) and its offices are in Lagos State, Ondo State, Delta State, Oyo

State, River State and Abuja also the pickup stations. We are in bid to bring down high

cost of Standard of living. You are welcome to unlimited flow of financial freedom where

you get paid to your personal account the sum of N100,000 on weekly bases for 52 weeks.

Once your registration fee of N15,000 has been paid, you will be given a welcome pack

voucher of 20 liters of petrol (PMS) and your registration has been done. As a member you

can buy fuel at N126 per litre at energyup partner filling station near you, enjoy

financial benefits and bonus of petrol, gas,kerosine or diesel.

*Feeders Stage*

At this stage of registering with N15,000 ($75) your page will be created on our DTC,
Referral Bonus of N2,000 ($10), Level Bonus:  N12,000 ($60), Complete Stage: N5,000 ($25)
All payments are paid in petroleum products N17,000($85), at a subsidized rate, all you

need at this stage is a total 6 direct downlines and you are upgraded to stage 1 Bronze,

at the completion of the Feeder Stage, you are entitled to petroleum products worth

N17000 you select any products you want from our e-shop.

*Stage 1 Bronze*

At this stage all rewards are paid in petroleum products at a subsidized rate and you are

entitled to N2,500 ($12.5) per week for 12 weeks paid into your bank account. Level Bonus

given to you is N70,000 ($350) and for completing this stage I.e you have 14 members of

your team meet you in this stage to roll you over to Stage 2 Silver you will be give the

Complete Bonus of N50,000 ($250) giving you N120,000 ($600) in total, all payments at

this stage are in petroleum product at a subsidized rate.


At this stage rewards are paid in petroleum products at a subsidized rate, Cash and you

are entitled to N5000 ($25) per week for 16 weeks paid into your bank account and free

petroleum products worth N20,000 ($100) for 7 months at subsidized rate and a brand new

Android phone. Level Bonus given to you is N175,000 ($875) and for completing this stage

I.e you have 14 members of your team meet you in this stage to roll you over to Stage 3

Gold you will be give the Complete Bonus of N112,500 ($562.5) giving you N 287,500

($1,437.5) in total, all payments at this stage are in 50% petroleum product at a

subsidized rate and 50% Cash.


This stage rewards are 50% cash, 50% petroleum products. you are entitled to N10,000

($50) per week for 20 weeks’ pay into your bank account. A free Religious trip or trip to

Dubai all expenses paid inclusive of $5,000 traveling allowance, a brand new Generator

worth N250,000 ($1250) and a brand new Hyandai Car worth N4,400,000 ($22,000). Level

Bonus of N218,750 ($1093.75) Complete Bonus of N1,000,000($5,000). 50% Cash = N609,976

($3046.88), 50% = N609,976 ($3046.88) petroleum products.  Petroleum products reward are

in subsidized rate. All this are given when you have 14 members of your team meet you in

this stage to roll you over to Stage 4 Emerald.

*Stage 4 Emerald*

This stage you will be given N40,000 ($200) worth of petroleum product at subsidized rate

for 12 months, you are entitled to N20,000 ($100) per week for 24 weeks pay into your

bank account, and a brand new Hyundai jeep worth N6,000,000 ($30,000) Level Bonus of

N546,800 ($2,734.38) Complete stage of N1,400,00 ($7,000) 50% Cash =N973,400 ($4,867.19),

50% petroleum products =N973,400 $4867.16 at subsidized rate. All this are given when you

have 14 members of your team meet you in this stage to roll you over to Stage 5 Diamond.

*Stage 5 Diamond*

This stage you will be earning N100,000 ($500) per week for 52 weeks paid into your bank

account, Grand Award of A brand new Jeep of your choice worth N15,000,000 ($75,000) and a

House finance worth N20,000,000 ($100,000) and a Community Development Service worth

N2,000,000 ($10,000) will be done on your behalf, Level Bonus of N1,750,000 ($8,750)

Complete Bonus:  N2,800,000 ($14,000) Payment are in 50% cash: N2,275,000 ($1 1,375) 50%

Petroleum Products: N2,275,000 ($1 1,375). All this are given when you have 14 members of

your team meet you in this stage to roll you over to Stage 6 Infinity.
*Stage 6 Infinity*
At this stage you will be earning N2,000,000 ($10,000) from every team member that join

you, Religious or family holiday trip to country of your choice All expense paid

inclusive of traveling allowance worth N2,000,000 ($10,000) also entitled to the company

profit sharing, payments are in cash and petroleum products at subsidized rate. Payment

are in 50% cash: N1,000,000 ($5,000), 50% product petroleum N1,000,000 ($5,000).

All products are to be collected at the accredited stations nearby

What are you waiting for? Join us now with N15000 to power you up to the unlimited flow

of financial freedom and petroleum energy supply


Purchase registration pin  or pins, at 15000 per pin  after purchasing, you will be given

a welcome pack voucher of 20 liters of Petrol, to be redeemed at your nearby registered

pick up stations you have chosen. Visit 

your data, make sure you put the right datas on your bank details because is not editable

and that is where the company will send your weekly and your complete stages cash bonus.

You are welcome to Energy up International, where we power you up with unlimited flow of

Energy and Finance, we wish to Congratulate you in advance, because your journey to

financial liberation and constant Petroleum Energy supply has begun the moment you enter


Energy up International is an elegant multi-level marketing (MLM) company in bid to bring

down cost of petroleum energy and increase the economy profitability for both high and

low income earners.

We believe that if the cost of petroleum energy is being subsidized it will bring down

the cost of living for all. (i. e Companies, individual and Business in general), and

with our Station Outfits we are ready to battle it down with high cost of petroleum

energy products and make your life beautiful.

*7 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO JOIN Energy Up International*

1. *Saves* you over *70% of your money on cost of standard of living*.

2. Empowers you to *Earn money *.
3. Gives you the opportunity to help the *less privilege*.
4. Gives you the opportunity to own your *dream car* worth over *N15 million* and your

*dream house* worth *N20 million*

5. Gives you the platform to travel to either *Jerusalem, Mecca or Saudi Arabia and

family holiday trip*

6. You enjoy a *7 months & 12 months petroleum products Supply worth 20,000 & N40,000*!

7. Also an opportunity to *start a Oil Business without Capital and filling station*.

*So what are you waiting for?*
Join us now & enjoy all these mouth watering benefits.

*N15,000 is all you need to have all your financial & material needs met!*

*We have many Oil and Gas companies, in partnership with Energy Up International, EUPi is

out with the vision of *Eradicating High cost of living, Hunger and Poverty* from our


*It begins with you!*

To register:

For more information:
08050756474, 07030796349

Making Money Online Ideas / cooperative society management Software
« on: October 25, 2017, 09:37:43 PM »
A co-operative is a self-sufficient relationship of individuals joined willfully to meet their normal financial, social needs and aspirations through a mutually claimed and fairly controlled business. The essential target of a cooperative society is to secure the interest of the weaker segments of society.

Are You In Any Cooperative Group? All Members Can Now Monitor Their Transactions and Balance Online Using "COOPERATIVE SOCIETY MANAGEMENT PORTAL", Here is how it works;

1.) This is a webpage application that gives room for all members of a Cooperative group to monitor their savings and transactions online at anytime, anywhere without a need to contact an executive member or anybody

2.) It allows a cooperative group to expose their program to whosever that comes across it online.

3.) It brings transparency to the group.

4.) Makes it easy to manage transaction, products, members and carry members along on new developments.

5.) Increase transaction speed and prevent disputes.

6.) Prevent loss of data and reduce manual work and paper work.

7.) Add an ecommerce section to showcase new products to members.

There 3 main access sections:

The Members Section, admin Section, and super admin section.

The Members Section;

Members can log in to view their transactions, get latest updates, order for products,  monitor loans (request and paybacks with date and time), Monitor installmental payments, monitor savings and deposits, contact admin directly for a support or enquires and more.

The Admin section;

The admin of the cooperative group, gets to manage transactions, approve requests (loans or payments), deal with support and enquiries of members, update members, gather information for the perusal of the super admin, Organize members and more.

The supper admin section:

The work of the super admin is to manage admin and members. (Add and delete the admin and Members), over see all operations.

We can create custome web application for your cooperative group. Just the way the cooperative group wants it and even if you need a mobile app we can develop it too.

We develop web application that has beauty and brains that will portray your business the right way.

Check out a Demo:

password: password

( some features are disabled, its just a demo)

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Let Us build your Cooperative Management System

08050756474, 07030796349

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